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Please make sure this email is forwarded to whomever it needs to be in order for me to receive a response. I will be sure to write fair reviews on Penske Truck Rentals, anywhere and everywhere across the web, which I discover.

Rental Agreement #: 50163966

Truck Unit #: 622109

I recently booked a reservation for this past Saturday, March 7th. Upon picking up my 16' box truck, at Home Depot in Bel Air, MD, I discovered I didn't get a truck with a loading ramp, as requested; it had a powered lift gate. This was an issue because I had furniture that was too wide to fit on this lift gate. The gentleman told me "That's what they set you up with." I didn't have a lot of time to spare, since I had individuals already waiting at our first location for the move, so I didn't argue with this employee. Luckily I paid for the additional damage waiver, because the associate didn't even do a walk-around on the truck with me. He advised me he had already done one, and marked the scratches on the vehicle. If I didn't purchase the damage waiver, I would've made sure we started over, by going outside together to walk-around the vehicle to inspect it for all of the damage that was pre-existing. I started up the truck, and notice the check engine light lit. I advised the associate, and he replied, "Oh! It's a diesel... the check engine lights are ALWAYS on in diesels... it has something to do with that whole emissions thing; and since it's a diesel, it doesn't have emissions, so that's why it's on..." (I was an auto mechanic, and have worked in the automotive industry and in customer service for over 10 years. I know better than this.) I asked that he record this on the prior damage sheet, so it's documented. He advised, "Oh yeah, it's fine. Nobody's going to say anything when you return it." As I leave, I hit my first highway, and get the vehicle up to about 45 mph; the doors are both shaking, tremendously, the steering wheel is angled about a quarter to half way to the left, as I fight the vehicle to drive straight, and the entire truck is shaking badly. I've rented from Penske before, and am aware box trucks drive a little different than cars, but this was unlike any other rental box truck I've ever driven. It starts to rain, and water begins pouring in (more than just a couple drops), consistently, through the passenger's door (since it's flapping so much). This was the noisiest, most-shaky, uncomfortable rental truck I've ever driven.

As I leave my first stop, the check engine light still remains on, and two new lights come on; one is a blown smoke diagram, and the other is a message on the dash stating "Exhaust System Malfunction." Eventually the dash starts beeping, throughout my drive to my 2nd location. I am sure at this point, you can imagine my frustration.

I filled the fuel/diesel, and returned the truck with more diesel than when I rented it (above 3/4 tank). A different employee was there when I returned the truck, and he asked, "How was the truck?" I explained my situation (above) to him. He informed me he would enter some notes to Penske, on feedback, about my experience. Whether he did, or did not, I do not know; but I have yet to hear anything back from Penske, and it's been 5 days now. The Home Depot associate advised me I went OVER my expected mileage, and they had to charge me two dollars and twenty-five cents. Even with the additional fuel I put into the vehicle, I was still charged this additional fee.

As stated above, I work in customer service, and expect to hear back from Penske in a timely manner (especially since I have yet to hear back from them since the Home Depot employee submitted my feedback). If I were to treat a customer, throughout my work day, the way I was treated, and rented out a vehicle in the condition which I received, I wouldn't have a job the next day. This is absolutely unacceptable, and I demand being compensated for at least a portion of this rental bill. From here, I plan to make sure individuals are aware of my most recent Penske Rental experience (via review sites, forums, etc.).


James Boyer

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of penske truck rental truck rental and associated monetary loss in the amount of $175. Penske Truck Rental needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Home Depot's are the worst Penske locations to rent from! They don't care about Penske and it's customers.

They don't know anything! Sorry for what you had to deal with.

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