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Blood all over the inside of one of the two trucks I rented! I reserved two trucks one of the reservations got lost but they were able to get a truck from another location.

When I picked up the second truck I noticed it was dirty, at the time I thought it was from someone hauling tires. I wasn"t happy but I needed the truck. I loaded the "clean" truck first then I loaded the "dirty" truck by this time it was almost dark I had use the cargo light to see. I paid no intention to the condition of the truck these spots I thought were from tires.

I loaded in Missouri and took it to New Mexico. I unloaded the "dirty" truck in the morning as the sun was coming up and noticed a blood stain after unloading a few feet of the 26' truck. The first spot was nothing compared the the rest of the truck. the truck literally looked like a massacre happened on this truck.

After I had the truck completely unloaded I drove it straight to the drop off which happened to be a corporate location and went in asking for a manager. I told the manager that he needed to come out and look at the back of this truck and he did. He had a loss for words but ended up taking some pictures. We went back in side and he asked me when the truck was do back I told him "tomorrow" then he said it would be taken care of then.

I was flabbergasted. I thought he would call the police or atleast get me out of the rolling crime scene but he didn't. Since then I have spent the last six months trying to figure out what I was exposed to. I have been sent two lab reports that they claimed to have done on the truck(again no police).

The first lab report had a date discrepancy so I called and got another copy of the report this time the conclusions were different and that report had a date discrepancy also.

I believe both reports to have been falsified. I have spent the last six months wondering if I contracted something from this biohazard.

Review about: Penske Truck Rental Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $2283.

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El Paso, Texas, United States #1177628

That's not blood. You were not *eeek* exposed to anything, and I'm sure they laughed at your looney tunes *** as soon as you walked out the door.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #951931

That is the varnish covering the wooden bars that has fallen off of the truck. That is not blood. It looks like something was spilled on the interior of the box.


might not have been blood. I'd imagine that

a) if you really thought it was blood you would have instantly called the police

b) if it was blood they would have sent the police to you

c) if it was something harmless like hydraulic fluid, they probably would not bother you with the details.

Calling fake on this. Someone who wants to throw some slander around because they got jaded on a bill or contract they didnt read/follow. To many things dont make sense.

Just sayin. :)

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